Expat Coaching

Individual or group coaching to assist and accompany processes of orientation, change and development.
Selected topics:


Orientation in a new work and cultural environment
Integration - Find a healthy balance between assimilation and individuality

Personality / Identity

Cosmopolitan, globally experienced and rootless?
   Continuity and stability despite a very mobile lifestyle
Where to? Out into the world... Reflection of objectives, clarification of personal
   needs and values

Health / Work Life Balance

Expat life - a challenge for work life balance and health
Staying healthy and effective burn out prevention in connection with expat
   assignments (also after coming back home)
-  Recovery
and regeneration after a burnout crisis during an expat assignment


Nothing as usual... Re-organize your family life successfully
"Third Culture Kids"
-  Especially important for kids and teens: Stability within the family despite a mobile lifestyle

Networking and relationship management

Out of sight, out of mind? Maintain stable networks despite a mobile career and lifestyle
How to create and deepen stable relationships
-  Reflect and clarify one's own expectations and needs with regard to relationships

Coming back

-  Preparing for coming back starts with preparing for going away
-  Return as a "step backwards"? Strategies against frustrating return experiences
-  Back home and yet alien... - how to cushion and deal with the reverse culture shock