In my individual coachings the personality of the client, with his or her resources and potential, are always the central focus. My approach is to be a companion and provider of stimuli in an individual process of development and learning.


Together, we analyse your specific situation and challenges. I provide you with some useful knowledge, with tools for your self-reflection and for developing more consciousness for your own behavior aiming at empowering and supporting you in implementing change successfully.

Selected topics:

-   Leadership - successful leadership starts with conscious self awareness

-   Communication - how to learn to control your own communication behavior in
    difficult situations and under pressure

-   Conversation strategies, preparation and evaluation

-   Self awareness and external impact

-   Wishes > Objectives > Planning: Orientation, structure, competencies for

-   Assertiveness in negiotiations

-   Self-confidence and convincing appearance

-   Understanding of one's role and positioning